August 30, 2016

Frank Wilson Bodza is the Programme Manager for Governance at Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF). He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Scientist from the University of Ghana and studied Business Administration with specialization in Human Resource at the Central University College. He has over 14 years of experience in both local and national governance; having worked with Member of Parliament for 4 years prior to joining WiLDAF Ghana in 2005. He has been the main officer responsible for WiLDAF’s governance programme since 2005.

Frank Bodza is a gender and human rights activist who had carried out numerous public education programmes on women’s rights issues. He is experienced in capacity building, mobilization, networking and coalition building.

He is the main focal person for WiLDAF Ghana on the National MDGs Campaign in Ghana. He represents WiLDAF Ghana on the Coalition of Domestic Elections Observers (CODEO) and the Civic Forum Initiative. Both groups have observed various elections including the December 2012 general elections in Ghana.

Frank Bodza has worked around local and national elections, as implementer of elections related projects and elections observer. He has skill for public engagement, communication, advocacy and gender issues. He is a friend of the media.  Mr. Bodza is a beneficiary of Commonwealth Foundation Capacity Building Workshop on Governance for CSOs in West and Central African Countries in 2010. His dream is to get an affirmative action law passed by the Government of Ghana that will provide a legal framework for increasing women’s representation in politics.

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