WiLDAF Ghana

WiLDAF Ghana was established as a country focal network of WiLDAF in 1991 with membership comprising lawyers, traditional leaders, journalists, doctors, and development practitioners, and Academics.  In line with the vision of its mother organization, its operations at the time mainly focused on creating legal knowledge for the general public particularly women which it did through training of paralegals to undertake community awareness activities.    WiLDAF Ghana’s operations has since evolved and expanded into other areas of development. In 1993, WiLDAF Ghana was registered as a non-governmental organization with the Registrar General. Its Registration Number is 39,349. Currently, WiLDAF Ghana operates both as an NGO and a network. While the former status provides opportunities to fulfill statutory requirements and fundraise, the latter harnesses the expertise and strengths of its members to educate and advocate recognition of women’s rights.

Over the last 22 years, WiLDAF Ghana has emerged as a key stakeholder within the Women’s Rights sector in Ghana, generating knowledge, advocating increased recognition of women’s rights and building capacity of local organizations and individuals as champions of women’s rights. WiLDAF Ghana has played an important role in raising awareness and understanding on the concerns of women and girls. Through our community-centered initiatives, women are gaining power through self-confidence to challenge norms. Women are also mobilizing to create platforms that give them voice; and are taking control over their bodies and accessing economic resources.




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